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Wooden Animal Wind Chime - Turtle

Wooden Animal Wind Chime - Turtle

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A wind chime that makes a pleasant sound "Sharan Sharan..."

Dimensions: 4.5 x 3.5 x 13H cm 
Materials: Natural Wood (Albizia Falcata)
Designed by T-Lab. in Japan
Made by Indonesian woodworkers
Ages 5+

Since they are completely handmade products from carving to painting, there are subtle differences in shape, size, colour, and facial expression.
Also, since natural wood is used, there are grain and streaks. Think of it as a handmade or natural wood look.

Albizia Falcata tree is one of the quickest growing tropical trees, so more sustainable than others. Because of their rapid growth, they also help to combat deforestation. T-Lab. has started to plant these trees as a way to repay the earth - in a small way - for its bounty!

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