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SAI Watercolour Brush Pen - Japanese Modern Colours Set

SAI Watercolour Brush Pen - Japanese Modern Colours Set

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15 colours +

Watercolor brush colours (cherry color / madder color / vermilion color / ocher / yellow / moe yellow / pine needle color / green blue / dew grass color / indigo / mauve / peony / flax / silver), water brush pen medium, and extra-fine brush (charcoal Ink color)

A set of 14 colors of watercolor brushes with a water brush pen and an extra-fine brush that allows you to enjoy watercolors as you wish!
● Watercolour brush… A colour brush pen with a genuine brush touch that has a different taste for drawing boldly and delicately. You can use it like watercolour paint.
● Water brush pen: A convenient pen that combines a brush and a water bowl. The expression of watercolours such as blurring and mixing is expanded.
● Extra-fine brush: It uses water-based pigment ink and does not bleed into the water when it dries, so it is recommended for sketching.

Water-soluble brushes
2007 ISOT Stationery of the Year award
Made in JAPAN

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