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Tenugui Towel - Octopus

Tenugui Towel - Octopus

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At a glance, it looks like the team of octopuses is bravely standing up to protect the small fish, but in reality, they are so startled by the school of fish that it spits out a smear and is surprised by it.

/ 13.8 x 35.4 inches

Cotton 100% Tokuoka Chusen Print

Made in Japan

“Tenugui” is a type of traditional Japanese towel, and can be used for anything a towel could be used for – as a washcloth, dishcloth, but often as a tapestry, decoration, quilt, headband, souvenir, or for wrapping items such as bottles.

Please note that Tenugui has unfinished edges on top and bottom.

Designed by Chie Takai, daughter of Nobuyuki Takai, a pupil of Japanese National Treasure Keisuke Serizawa. Chie Takai is a renowned Japanese stencil artist, known under her artist name kata kata. The name is derived from Kata-e-zome, which is a Japanese method of dyeing fabrics using a resist paste applied through a stencil.

“Chusen” is a traditional method of dyeing using stencil paper. Since the dye infiltrates the cloth, the patterns appear on both sides. When the tenugui is used for a long period of time, the dye fades, giving it a well-aged look. 

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