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Noren - Great Wave (Long)

Noren - Great Wave (Long)

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Hang Noren in a doorway of your room to invite happiness and joy!
Noren is a traditional Japanese fabric divider that you can hang it between a bedroom & bathroom, a bedroom & walking-closet, at the end of the stairway, or at the front entrance to keep a bit of privacy but still let the air flow.
There is a slit cut in the middle allowing fro easier passage or viewing.
Hanging it in the front entrance of a shop means their business is open and taking it down at the end of the business in Japan.
There is a cut line in the middle that will not fray even if you cut it with scissors, so please cut it according to your preference.

H71 x 33.5 inches (180 x 85 cm)
100% Polyester
Made in Japan

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