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Nagomi Knife - Santoku

Nagomi Knife - Santoku

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Originating from the Japanese kitchen, the well designed shape of the Santoku Knife combines the benefits of a broad-bladed Japanese vegetable knife and meat cleaver. Experienced cooks and chefs have found the Santoku Knife as a reliable tool for their cutting techniques.

This beautiful knife was born in Seki, Japan which is historically known as forged Samurai swords since the Kamakura period (1185-1333).

With over 100-year knowledge and experiences, Mr. Watanabe, the 5th generation of knife making, had worked together with his wife, who is a chef and also a cooking teacher, to create a new knife that has a professional sharpness but is easy to maintain at home.

The most unique feature of the knife is to keep a professional sharpness at home for a long time by sharpening the blade a couple of times a month with newspaper.

Product Details
Blade material: 440A molybdenum steel (HRC hardness: 58)
Handle material: Stainless steel inlaid on laminated reinforced wood from Italy
Length: 317mm
Blade length: 180mm
Handle length: Approx. 125mm
Thickness: 2.3mm
Weight: Approx. 180g

Made in Seki, Japan

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