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Maneki Neko - White (Size 3)

Maneki Neko - White (Size 3)

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Invite a good fortune home!

80% of the ceramic Maneki Neko (Beckoning Cat) in Japan is made by Kikue Tomimoto who is the third generation of original pottery in Tokoname City, Japan.
The uniqueness of her cat is recognized by its large round black eyes and the proportion of its head and body are even height.
All the steps from shaping the clay to painting it are carefully handcrafted by Kikue and her staff in the studio.
Maneki Neko is mainly a calico cat. The right hand raised means to bring good luck with money, and the left hand raised means to invite people and is often placed at a shop. In ancient Japan, black cats were considered to be a symbol of good luck and ward off evil because they could see even at night.

Size: 65x60x100H mm
Material: Ceramic
Made in Tokonname, Japan

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