Kokeshi Bento Box L - Black Shiba

This Bento box is inspired by a traditional Japanese wooden doll called Kokeshi.
It's so adorable like the doll but smartly designed with three parts. Flip the head upside-down, it becomes a soup bowl so you can make an instance chicken noddle soup or use it as a serving bowl.
You can store any fresh or cooked foods in other 2 layered. You can take an advantage of its rounded shape to make your original bagel sandwiches for lunch!
Capacity: 850 ml
Materials: PET-ABS plastic (BPA-free)
Dishwasher & Microwave safe with the inner lids removed.
*Hand silk-screened surface could be washed out with a strong tablet soap or high drying heat, so we recommend to use a neutral detergent and wash by hand if it's possible.

nanao kimono original
Made in Japan


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