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Kami no Shigoto

Greeting Card - Goldfish Red WASHI dECO

Greeting Card - Goldfish Red WASHI dECO

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Delicate textures of the greeting card is made of 100% natural Japanese paper and is carefully hand-made one by one by Mino craftsmen.
Your loved one who receives this card is not only pleased with your message but also she can use it as a window decoration by spraying water and pushing it gently with a towel against the window to stick.
You can see the gentle and beautiful expression of the Washi when the light shines through it.
Use it also as a bookmark, attach a string to make it a mobile, and enjoy living with Japanese paper.

Card size: W 10.2 x H 20.5 cm (4"x 8")
Material: Mino Washi Paper
Made in Gifu, Japan

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