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Green Tea Active Focus VC5

Green Tea Active Focus VC5

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Anti-Aging Skin Care

Protects the skin from UV rays, prevents dryness and gives firmness and luster!

1) The Nobel Prize-winning ingredient "fullerene"
Fullerene is a beauty ingredient that has been attracting attention in the industry for its ability to protect skin from UV rays and other damaging elements, prevent dryness and roughness, and give skin elasticity and luster. Fullerene is also compatible with vitamin C. Fullerene suppresses the oxidation of vitamin C, making it easier for vitamin C to exert its effects. 

2) Catechin
Green tea is rich in catechin, which are notable ingredients such as vitamins A, B, C, and E. Green tea moisturizes and firms the skin, improves texture, and leads healthy, and clear skin. 
3)5% of pure Vitamin C
Pure vitamin C is an unstable ingredient that easily oxidizes, but our proprietary technology and the addition of fullerene make it highly concentrated at 5%, making it more effective and easier to penetrate the skin. It gives skin elasticity and improves texture, firmness, dullness, and pores.


Material: component: BG, PG, glycerin, propanediol, ascorbic acid, fullerene, cha leaf extract, rosemary leaf extract, PVP, water

Made in Japan
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