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Furoshiki Bag Handles, Rings

Furoshiki Bag Handles, Rings

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Diameter 5.1 inches

2 rings set

Furoshiki is not included

These Rings enable you to transform your Furoshiki into a cute bag. Furoshiki come in various patterns. Enjoy making your own unique Furoshiki bag!

How to Make a Furoshiki Handbag

1) Lay your cloth out on the ground in front of you. The side of the cloth that you want showing on your purse should be facing down.

2) Now grab one of your rings and 2 corners of one end of your cloth.

3) Feed the corners through the ring, from the front.

4) Wrap the corners out and around the ring. You should wrap the corners so that they end up back in front where you started. Now tie the corners together in a square not.

5) Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the other handle and 2 corners.

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