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39" Aquadrop kata kata Furoshiki Whale Blue Water Repellent

39" Aquadrop kata kata Furoshiki Whale Blue Water Repellent

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39.4 x 39.4 inches

100% Polyester

Made in Japan

Furoshiki is quite popular for home decor! Use for a tapestry, decoration, carrying a bento box, gift box, wrapping a wine or sake bottle, or making a bag.

This water repellent Furoshiki will protect important bags and luggage from sudden rain. It can also be used as a simple leisure seat or table cloth.
When the water repellent effect weakens, simply apply an iron (medium temperature) and the water repellent effect will return.

The Blue Whales are the largest animal ever have lived on earth. They are the best snorkels and divers! We love whales. They are beautiful and intelligent. They excite us with wonder and love! We hope through the furoshiki kata kata whale, more and more people can see the beautify of Whale. Love whales, save whales and protect the ocean!

Designed by Chie Takai, daughter of Nobuyuki Takai, a pupil of Japanese National Treasure Keisuke Serizawa. Chie Takai is a renowned Japanese stencil artist, known under her artist name kata kata. The name is derived from Kata-e-zome, which is Japanese method of dyeing fabrics using a resist paste applied through a stencil.

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