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20" Cochae Furoshiki Okame & Hyottoko

20" Cochae Furoshiki Okame & Hyottoko

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20 x 20 inches

100% Cotton

Made in Japan

The pairing of Okame (a woman) and Hyottoko (a man) is a symbol of ‘the happiness of a family’ in Japan. They are legendary characters of old Japanese theatre. Their unique expressions always draw laughter from people which is applied to the phrase ‘Fortune comes in by a merry gate.’

Furoshiki is quite popular for a home decor! Use for a tapestry, decoration, carrying a bento box, gift box, wrapping a wine or sake bottle, or making a bag.

Cochae is a graphic design group run by Yousuke Jikuhara and Miki takeda who aims to produce designs with playful mind. They also design for toys and hold workshops in museums.

Furoshiki Instructions

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