19" Furoshiki Ukiyoe Three Beauties of the Present Day Kitagawa Utamaro Light Grey


19 x 19 inches

100% Cotton

Made in Japan

These Ukiyoe Furoshikis are quite popular for a home decor!

Use for carrying a gift box, wrapping a wine or sake bottle, a decoration, or making a bag.

Three Beauties of the Present Day is a Nishiki-e colour woodblock print from  1792–93 by Japanese Ukiyo-e artist Kitagawa Utamaro (1753–1806). The triangular composition depicts the busts of three celebrity beauties of the time: geisha Tomimoto Toyohina, and teahouse waitresses Naniwa Kita and Takashima Hisa. The print is also known under the titles Three Beauties of the Kansei Era and Three Famous Beauties.



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