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Sake Set - Hyottoko Sake Set

Sake Set - Hyottoko Sake Set

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These funny faces are called Hyottoko (man's face) and Okame (lady's face).
He is the god that protects fire and she is the god that invites good fortune.
Because of the friendly gesture of the faces, they are often used for many events and bring happiness to the people.

Enjoy Sake in cold or hot with your loved one.

This Sake set comes from Mino, Gifu prefecture, Japan. Mino is the most popular style, and 60% of ceramics in Japan are from Mino. You can see not only the beauty but also the durability. Perfect for everyday use!

Bottle size:  9.3xH11cm, 350ml
Cup 6.2xH2.8cm

1 bottle + 2 cups
Microwave & Dishwasher safe
Made in Japan

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