Fukamushi Sencha


This is ISSA GREEN’s signature tea brewed easily with hard water.

This sencha is produced by steaming leaves two to three times longer than regular varieties. The steaming process makes tea leaves finer, and insoluble nutrition(such as fiber, protein, βcarotene, vitamin E, chlorophyll and minerals) which we can not take from regular sencha is released from powdery part of the tea.

Directly delivered by Sugimoto farm in Shizuoka.

Rich in catechin, tannin, flavonoid, gamma-aminobutyric, theanine, Pectine, Saponin, Polysaccharide, vitaminB2, vitamin C, fluorine, dietary fiber, Protein, βcarotene, vitamin E, chlorophyll

Good for immune system enhancement.

Best prepared with: 1tsp or 1tea bag/200ml~500ml water

80(176°F)  0.5~1.5min

Cold brew  2~4hours



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