Manegi Tenugui Banner Daruma


8.66 x 13.78 inches

100% Cotton

Made in Japan

This small welcome flag is perfect to hang it on the wall, door, or window.

"一所懸命勉強中 合格" means studying very hard, passing, success in Japanese on the flag.

"Rien-zome" brand created by an authentic Tenugui producer named TODAYA SHOUTEN located at Ningyo-cho, Tokyo. They have been producing a wide variety of Tenugui since 1872. They focus on the traditional hand-dyeing method called "Chu-sen". Also, they keep many great designs for years. Enjoy Rien-zome Tenugui handmade by skilled artisans!

“Chusen” is a traditional method of dyeing using stencil paper. Since the dye infiltrates the cloth, the patterns appear on both sides. When the Tenugui is used for a long period of time, the dye fades, giving it a well-aged look.


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